CM2 brings a rich diversity of experience to clients that need to execute transactions to further growth and strategic objectives. We have the strategic background to evaluate your approach, competitive intelligence skills to add more and better market information to your decision processes, and the structuring, valuation, and negotiation experience to ensure a smooth process and value-maximizing outcome. CM2 has significant experience with a range of transactions: acquisitions, divestitures, partnerships, joint ventures, and outsourcing activities. With respect to acquisitions and divestitures, our core skill is serving mid-market transactions that do not involve the direct sale of publicly held equities. With respect to joint ventures, partnerships, and outsourcing, we are distinctively skilled in addressing complex arrangements where the objectives of multiple parties have to be met and relationships have to be built and sustained over the long haul.

Acquisition activities: CM2's extensive networks and competitive intelligence skills will assist our clients in assembling the best potential acquisition targets. We will make sure that your list is comprehensive, and we will provide you with unique insights into current market conditions and asset availability. We can contact or assist with contacting potential candidates so that the candidates see the potential in the proposed transaction and so that discussions are productive. Once candidates have been cultivated. we will use our transaction experience and background in risk management to insure that due diligence activities are conducted efficiently and effectively. We will leverage our extensive experience as lead negotiators to drive effective negotiations. We pride ourselves on solving challenges creatively and using negotiations to build relationships that will be durable. Finally, we are skilled at developing integration plans that move rapidly and are focused on maintaining market momentum, capturing synergies, and treating people and corporate reputations with care.

Divesture activities: CM2 will assist the client in determining if this is the right time to sell. Our competitive intelligence efforts will gather essential, otherwise less understood information about market conditions and the potential pool of buyers. We will assist the client in preparing for a sale, including preparing offering memorandums and working to confidentially distribute the information to the right parties. We will collect and analyze indications of interest, and we can also do more in-depth competitive intelligence work to assess the quality of the indications. Our extensive experience as both buyers and sellers enables us to assist clients to prepare for all aspects of due diligence. With our extensive negotiating experience, we can insure that the outcome of the negotiations are successful.

Other transactions: CM2 has extensive experience in joint venture, partnership, outsourcing, and restructuring negotiations around the world. We can assist clients in finding good partners, and our competitive intelligence skills can offer unique insights in to partner capabilities, prior partner experiences, and the partnership's potential in the marketplace. In addition to these skills based on competitive intelligence, we can also structure and lead more traditional due diligence activities to support potential relationships. We offer negotiation support where our experience and creativity will be leveraged to ensure that the relationship is based on a mutually beneficial structure.

Fees and how we work with you: Our goal is to make sure that our interests are well-aligned with the client's goals. We insist on being your partner in the process – an integral part of the team. We work with retainer plus success fee structures where we do the best we can to provide good value to the client and insure that we are trying to complete a value-adding transaction while maintaining the perspective to walk away from deals that do not make sense.

Please contact us to discuss how we can address your needs.