CM2 will work with you to develop a strategy that helps you win in the marketplace. We have extensive experience in strategy questions and needs across a wide range of industries, geographies, and types of organizations. Every team, large or small, successful or struggling, needs to have a plan on how to advance to the next level. We believe these plans should clearly define where your organization wants to go and how you are going to get there. We also know that understanding your market and what is possible in that market is critical to picking the goal and path to that goal. The CM2 team wants to work with you to ensure this success. A well-documented, carefully considered strategy that just sits on your shelf is an unacceptable outcome for us. Clear delineation of actions that are doable is our most important outcome--and we want to work with you to make sure that the actions are achievable in light of all the other priorities facing your team. In short, we will work to create the action that leads to your success.

The capabilities in the CM2 team are all key elements of successful strategy work. We have ample direct experience in preparing strategy work, but our other skills, competitive intelligence, transaction work, and enterprise risk management skills are directly related to creating keen strategic insights and the resulting actions.

Our process has several steps:

Market Assessment: What do your customers want and expect? What are your competitors and potential competitors doing? What are the market growth prospects? All of these issues and more comprise key elements of good strategy. Using our experienced staff and our competitive intelligence skills, we will position you with the best possible information about your market and what is possible in that market.

Goal: After picking an appropriate time frame that is usually three to five years and sometimes longer in certain situations, we will then work with you to define the goal of your organization. These goals are designed to challenge your team while still being realistic. Great results never come from thinking small, but huge failures result from thinking too big. We will help you get it right.

The Path: The market presents a range of options. We have chosen the one we like – the goal. Now CM2 can help you plan how to get there, step by step with appropriate checkpoints as well. Each step needs to be carefully evaluated to insure its viability. CM2 will design a monitoring program so your team stays on track and adjusts the path as required. We are more than happy to design an ongoing relationship as well so that the CM2 team can assist your team as needed.

Other Services: In addition to strategy work to support the overall goals of your team, CM2 is always interested in assisting with your most vexing problems. Our competitive intelligence skills are great for evaluating major decisions with external perspective. We have ample experience with investment decisions, regulatory issues, process management, financing concerns, intellectual property control, and outsourcing decisions.

We look forward to hearing from you to learn more about your team and its opportunities. Furthermore, we would be excited to support your strategic journey.