Competitive Intelligence for Corporations

Within the corporate environment, most our projects relate to mandates from Corporate Development departments, although many of our engagements originate from, and are delivered to, the boardroom and C-level offices.

Competitive Intelligence for Hedge Funds

Unlike other research firms, we have a track record of collecting intelligence that positively impacts a hedge-fund's P&L.

Competitive Intelligence for Private Equity Funds

Within the private equity fund community, most our projects relate to buyouts or work relating to portfolio companies. Pre-acquisition, General Partners can benefit from detailed intelligence about acquisition targets that can save time, effort and money, both in the short- and long-run. Whether you have defined a specific target, or a target market, CM2 specializes in providing answers to questions that your analysts or other advisors need answered.

Competitive Intelligence for Institutional Investors

Many pension funds no longer rely on investment in government bonds or insurance company annuities. As fund managers exploit more alternative investments such as Leverage Buyout Funds, hedge funds and even direct investment or ownership of companies, the need for reliable and accurate information becomes critical.